Tundra 200 Fleece Jacket – Aqua Blue
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Tundra 200 Fleece Jacket – Aqua Blue


Features :

Warmth: Warm and High collar.Brushed microfleece inside and outside

Lightweight: 400 g in size L.

Pockets: 2 zipped hand pockets for securing items and 2 inner pockets

Fleece Material: The fleece component features a space-creating texture which helps lock in air; this air acts as a natural insulator, keeping the body warm. The brushed knit helps to lock in the air.

Composition: 100% polyester. 230g/sqm density microfleece.

Maintenance: Won’t crease. Easy to machine wash. Quick drying

Care Instructions: Wash at 30°C. Do not use fabric softener, do not tumble dry, do not iron. Store folded in a clean and dry place.

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Quipco Tundra 200 Fleece Jacket is a simple and perfect companion to keep your body warm during walks, treks, rides and hikes at high altitudes. Full zip opening gives plenty of flexibility. High collar helps in covering the neck from getting hit by the wind. If the windchill is high OR the weather is closer to 0*c and you are not able to tolerate the cold, then please make use of layers. Wear appropriate layers of clothes over or under the fleece jacket to beat the cold. At 230g/sqm this fleece jacket is 55 units denser than its predecesor and therefore is priced slightly higher.

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