Equatorial Rain Poncho – Camo
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Equatorial Rain Poncho – Camo



– Made from 100% Waterproof Fabric
– Hood is adjustable and can be fastened with draw-string cord-lock stopper
– Press-button side opening makes it easy to put on and take off
– Simple and functional design for ease of use… no complications!
– Suitable to cover a person wearing a trekking backpack
– Alternates as a tarp, when required

Storage: The poncho should be completely dry before folding and storing in its storage bag for long periods.

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Designed for use in heavy rains, the QuipCo Equatorial Rain Poncho is a double layer rainwear. Waterproof Taffeta forms the shell, while the lining is constructed from Poly-vinyl Chloride material which is welded at every joint, thus making the product robust and waterproof.

Material:  Shell: Waterproof Teffeta | Lining: Poly-vinyl Chloride Fabric
Size: One Size Fits Most
Open Dimension: 86.5 x 38.5 Inches

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